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A convinient adapter with 2 USB outlets for charging multiple devices at the same time, whih fits in both standard cigarette lighter outlets as well as DIN spec outlets

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Did You Know ?
Did You Know ?

Product Description

SW Motech brings you the Dual USB Cigarette lighter adapter. This adapter provides you with 2 x 2.1 A, ideal for charging devices which are power hungry! It can be plugged into any standard cigarette lighter outlet. It fits into any standard 12V cigarette lighter outlet or DIN spec outlet. The body of the charger also pivots, allowing it to fit in hard to access areas. 


2 USB outlets, 2.1 A each
Fits in a standard cigarette lighter outlet or DIN spec outlet
Pivoting body


Product Specifications 

USB Output : 2 x 2.1 A, 12V

What’s in the box?

Universal Dual USB Adapter



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