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D3O Back Pad 5074-002-400

Klim Viper PRO Back Protector

Replacement back protector for your Klim Jacket

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Replacement back protector for your Klim Jacket

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Did You Know ?
Did You Know ?

Product Description

Klim brings you the Viper PRO Back Protector

D3O is a substance used in impact protection due to its energy absorptive properties. D3O is a dilatant non-Newtonian fluid. This means that, in its raw state it flows freely when moved slowly, but on shock, locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before returning to its flexible state. This characteristic provides protection, as well as material flexibility. This makes it the perfect material with which to make armour for riding gear. The pads made from this material sit comfortably against your body, taking your shape and moving with you. Under impact though they provide all the protection that a harder material would.

The Viper PRO Back Protector is a CE Level 2 protector that is designed to fit into all Klim jackets



Product Specifications 

CE Level 2
High quality performance shock absorption
Trusted protection
Maximum flexibility
Extremely comfortable
Tested to highest standards



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