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Steelcore was founded to solve a fundamental problem … they wanted to be able to safely and “softly”, lock their valuables!
So they received a patent and created their first straps to secure surfboards onto their roof racks and prevent that feeling of coming out of a store and “not seeing” their board on top of their car!

Since then, their patented, adjustable locking straps, have been used to protect all kinds of assets like – Surfboards, Stand up paddle boards, Kayaks, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Motorcycle saddle bags, Furniture, Jet Skis, Quads, UTV’s, Off-Roading accessories, Ladders, Machines, Tools, Snowboards, Skis, ATM Machines, Cargo, Suitcases, Auto Rack Accessories and so much more

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Closed from Jan 1-3 for New Years. *Due to the ongoing COVID situation, some orders might be delayed due to restrictions in movement of goods. In case you have an order that has been delayed, do reach out to us and we will update you on its status. Stay safe!