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We all share the love of the open road, the hum of the engine and the freedom of a highway ride. But the aches and pains that go along with it? No thanks! Do yourself a favor and make riding super comfy with Moto-Skiveez’ innovative Cruiser underwear, designed to leave those pesky pains in the dust.


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Product Description

Moto-Skiveez are engineered specifically for motorcycle riding utilizing the latest technology in bicycle short design. They were developed at the TMF research facility in Verona, Italy. TMF employs thermal imaging camera systems placed between the rider and the saddle. This technology measures body temperature in the prostatic/ischiatic/perineal /inguinal area. TMF also uses computerized sensors that reveal pressure applied at the points of contact to enable and determine the correct type of material to be applied. This technology has directed Moto-Skiveez to develop three distinct garments for different riding styles. Moto-Skiveez has defined those styles as; SPORT, a forward leaning position experienced on sport bikes, ADVENTURE, an upright position experienced on most dual sport or dirt bikes and CRUISER, a relaxed position experienced by riding most cruiser style motorcycles.

Moto-Skiveez offers a unique solution specific to each of these riding styles. Each pad is specifically designed to interface seamlessly with the rider’s area of seating contact according to their style of motorcycle. Additionally the pads are engineered to inhibit irritation caused from the different forces a rider may experience from riding that style of motorcycle.

The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER style is a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis. While every rider position and bike combination is a little different, Moto-Skiveez has designed the CRUISER Skiveez to maximize comfort across a broad range of upright to semi-reclined riding positions. The primary riding position for this style, is any rider where the knee is positioned horizontal to the hip joint. This places most of the weight and pressure directly beneath the “sitz bones.” With more pressure on the tailbone area due to the legs being forward, this pad shifts pressure adsorption from the inner thigh to the center of the buttocks and lower thighs. This design works well with all motorcycle positions as well being a great option for passenger riders.

This pad is contoured to add comfort across the entire seating area. Because of this, this design serves as a universal comfort garment. The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER pad is manufactured with the firmest foam molded into an elliptical shape beneath the left & right pelvic bones and the tailbone. The CRUISER pad is comprised of five layers; a base layer of malinga cloth, three different foam densities and a top covering infused with silver ions to inhibit bacterial and fungal formation. There is 4,mm square perforated foam throughout, 3mm open cell foam in the left and right sections of the main body and 6mm reticulated high density foam positioned in the pelvic and tail bone areas. The front of the pad is contoured to extend forward on both sides in half-elliptical protrusions to fit under the bottom of the legs. . 

Size Chart

SIZE           –    WAIST SIZE (In Inches)
SMALL      –    26″ – 30″
MEDIUM  –    32″ – 34″
LARGE      –    36″ – 38″
XL              –    40″ – 42″
2X              –    44″+


Padded shorts, designed specific for most cruiser style motorcycles
Premium breathable fabrics used to increase comfort in all riding conditions

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MotoSkiveez Cruiser Shorts

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Must have butt!!

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SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X


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