Klim Krios Pro Karbon Adventure Helmet

Get the ultimate ADV experience with the Krios Pro – with a high performance Karbon Fiber construction, four-ride-mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort !


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Product Description

Carved from the Krios chassis, the Krios Pro is the first ADV-specific DOT rated helmet in North America to integrate Koroyd materials and construction. The Krios Pro helmet elevates standards in comfort, performance and airflow while leaving traditional compromises behind. The ultimate ADV experience is made possible by high performance Karbon Fibre construction, four-ride-mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivalled acoustical and contact comfort.

A hand laid full Karbon fibre shell with optimized shell resin distribution makes the helmet as lightweight as possible as well as safe, with its strong shell. It looks pretty slick too! The helmet is ECE / DOT certified.

The Klim Krios Pro Helmet upgrades its impact performance and ventilation with Koroyd materials and construction. The Koroyd liner is much better at absorbing and distributing energy than traditional EPS liners. Koroyd is proven to absorb up to 48% more energy than EPS during an impact. Koroyd consists of thousands of miniature tubes welded together, which buckle upon impact to absorb energy and reduce the risk of injury. Koroyd’s tubular structure consists of more than 95% air, thereby offering protection and ventilation without compromise. Koroyd also has a much better optimum operating range of temperature than traditional Polystyrene foam (EPS). Koroyd’s base material is a high-quality engineering polymer. It remains unaffected by temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius and also temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Polystyrene foam (EPS) however is a plastic, so high temperatures EPS becomes soft while in low temperatures it becomes hard and brittle.

You’re not just getting an adventure helmet here. The Klim Krios Pro Helmet is truly versatile with four ride modes: adventure, street, dirt and trail. You can easily take off the visor to turn your adventure helmet into your everyday street helmet. Or take off the face shield, put on your Klim goggles and you have a dirt bike helmet. Or get into Trail mode, using the face shield & goggles together. Switching between these modes is super simple, as the Krios Pro has a quick release shield and visor system requiring only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock. No tools required!

Fully adjustable chin vents (3 levels) and a forehead vent (with on or off switch) facilitate ventilation. The Koroyd, with its honeycomb technology, allows free airflow through the helmet and also helps to reduce noise levels within the helmet when you are cruising down the road.

The helmet has a Klimatek anti-microbial / moisture wicking liner, making the interiors plush and durable at the same time. The liner is removable and washable.

The chin strap is incredibly impressive with how easy it is to take on and off with the quick release magnetic Fid-lock strap closure system. With this system you don’t even have to take off your gloves to fasten and un-fasten the strap.

The visibility specs on this helmet are top notch. It includes a Transitions Photochromic lens that adjusts to light conditions, it’s pin lock compatible to combat fogging and the eye port is large enough for your goggles to fit inside. The view port is also one of the widest in this category, giving you a ton of peripheral vision!

Other impressive features include Sena 10U compatibility, an anti-scratch polycarbonate shield, and a visor and spoiler designed for aerodynamic stability.

With the Klim Krios Pro Helmet you get more confidence and adaptability in all kinds of conditions.

Krios Pro Helmet Size Chart

HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE (cm) 54-55 56-57 58-59 60-61 62-63 64-65
CHEEK PADS S-25cm, M-20cm L-25cm, XL-20cm, 2XL-15cm, 3XL-10cm


Full Karbon fiber hand laid shell
Koroyd energy absorbing materials / construction
Modular – switch easily between 4 configurations
Transitions photochromic lens included
Fid-lock strap closure system
ECE / DOT certified

Additional Information – Video

Krios Pro ADV Helmet | Product Walkthrough

Source: Klim

Product Specifications

Material: Full Karbon fiber hand laid shell with Koroyd energy absorbing materials / construction
Weight: SM-MD – 1.35kg, LG-3X – 1.50kg

What’s in the box:

Klim Krios Pro Helmet ECE/DOT x 1
Transitions Photochromic Face Shield (PinLock Ready) x 1
Clear Anti-scratch Polycarbonate Face Shield (PinLock Ready) x 1
Clear PinLock Insert x 1
Soft draw-string cover x 1
Trim Panels (for when peak is removed)
Helmet Spares

Additional information
Weight 10 kg

XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X


Arsenal Dune, Arsenal Gray, Matte Black, Mekka Kinetik Blue, Mekka Vivid Sage, Loko Striking Gray, Loko Vivid Sage, Haptik White, Rally Striking Orange, Rally Metallic Bronze


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