SW-Motech Traveller Rider Cushion

A sure-fire way of extending your ride time, without developing pressure points.

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Product Description

SW-Motech brings you the Traveller Rider air cushion. The Traveller Rider cushion is a motorcycle seat overlay that provides the rider with unsurpassed comfort during long rides. The Traveller Rider cushion is particularly suitable for sporty motorbikes. The Traveller Rider cushion uses scientifically proven air technology to distribute your weight and pressure over the entire motorcycle seat cushion, reducing the pressure points that cause pain. The cushion consists of an air bladder and a zipped breathable synthetic leather cover. The air bladder has multiple compartments that are interconnected, so that when you sit on the cushion your weight is redistributed between these compartments and you’re left floating on air. These cushions have been proved to reduce painful pressure points that develop when you’re seated for long periods of time. Anyone that’s done a long distance trip knows these pressure points well! The air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration. The Traveller Rider cushion is a simple add on that sits on top of your seat. It comes with integrated straps that fix around your seat with the help of velcro making them extremely secure.


Rider cushion with air bladder
Breathable synthetic leather cover
Integrated straps with velcro for added security
Increase ride time and eliminate numbness and pressure points

Product Specifications

Material: Air bladder, synthetic leather cover
Dimensions : 305mm x 300mm
Colour: Black

What’s in the box?

1 x Traveller Rider Cushion
Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions

Additional information
Weight 3 kg


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