INNOV K5 Motorcycle Dashcam

A versatile, feature packed dash cam, designed and built for those who demand more!


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Product Description

Introducing the K5 dash cam system from Innovv. It’s a versatile, feature packed dash cam, designed and built for those who demand more!

4K ULTRA HD FOOTAGE IN THE FRONT: K5 innovates with the Sony 8-megapixel sensor on the front camera, producing spectacular 4K Ultra HD footage at 30 FPS. *The rear camera features a Sony sensor, providing crisp and clear 1080P HD.

BUILT-IN DUAL BAND WI-FI & FULL-FEATURED INNOVV APP: You can connect your smartphone or tablet directly to the INNOVV K5 dash cam. The dual band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz) is noteworthy for its fast transmission and more stability, giving you the ability to effortlessly view, download, and share your adventure with your friends via the INNOVV App.

STYLISH APPEARANCE & IP67 WATERPROOF: The device is constructed with durable and lightweight aerospace aluminium alloys. The INNOVV K5 is rated as IP67 waterproof and is built to withstand all kinds of weather. Go confidently into every ride with an INNOVV K5.

GOOD NOISE REDUCTION: The INNOVV K5 dash cam adopts an external Mic instead of the internal Mic, upgrading the audio quality from a tinny sound to a resonating voice. It can clearly record your voices during road trips by attaching it to the helmet, thus making it a helpful gear for motovlogging. It can even record awesome engine or exhaust sounds by placing it at the right place.

PACKED WITH INDUSTRY-LEADING 5HZ GPS RECEIVER: The INNOVV K5’s GPS receiver is packed with a high update rate of 5Hz, unlike most dash cams that are packed with the conventional update rate of only 1Hz, thereby giving the K5 more detailed and higher resolution tracking capabilities. With a fix update rate of 5, new location updates every second (5Hz) and a baud rate of 38,400 bits per second, the data uses 38,400 bits every second. It helps to decrease display lag time and improves distance measurements and tracking especially when moving on a curvy route at high speed.

AUTO ON/ OFF RECORDING TECHNOLOGY: All INNOVV dash cams are designed to operate in an “install & forget” manner. As soon as the ignition is turned on, the INNOVV dash cam will start to record automatically. When the ignition is turned off, the INNOVV dash cam will perform an automatic shutdown process.
SMART REMOTE CONTROL: You could conveniently check the Wi-Fi, DVR and GPS working status with the LED indicators on the Remote Control during your road trip without taking hands off the handlebar and eyes off the road.

INTENDED FOR POWERSPORTS: Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs & others

EASY INSTALLATION: Your INNOVV investment comes ready to play. Every single item needed to get you up and running is in the package. The accessories are professionally designed, and the install is simple and easy. 

Other features of the INNOVV K5 include:
– Wi-Fi Support
– Video Format (MP4/TS)
– Parking Mode
– Extreme Temperature Resistance
– Support Up To 512GB
– GPS (quick connection)
– Sony Image Sensor

4K Ultra HD & 1080P Full HD Recording
Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz/ 5.0Ghz) Supported
Smart Remote Control & Full-featured INNOVV App
Stylish Appearance & IP67 Waterproof
Industry-leading 5Hz GPS Receiver

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Product Specifications

DVR Dimensions: 52x48x25mm
DVR Case: All Aluminium Alloy
Sensor: G-sensor (Automatic Incident Detection)
Storage: TF card (Supports up to 512GB)
Wi-fi: Dual-band transmission (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)
Data Interface: Micro USB
Voltage Input: 5.0V±0.5V
Video format: MP4/TS

Front Camera:
Front Camera Dimensions: 52x48x22mm (it is integrated with the DVR)
Front Camera Structure: 7G + 1IR
Field of View (FOV): 120°
Aperture: F1.8
Maximum Resolution: 4K at 30FPS
Number of Effective Pixels: 3864(H) x 2192(V), approx. 8.46 megapixels
Length of Video Cable: With DVR

Rear Camera:
Rear Camera Dimensions: Dia 25×53.3mm
Rear Camera Structure: 6G + 1IR
Field of View (FOV): 120°
Aperture: F1.8
Maximum Resolution: 1080p at 30FPS
Number of Effective Pixels: 1945(H) x 1097(V), approx. 2.13 megapixels
Length of Video Cable: 3m / 9.84 Feet

Video Resolution Options for Front & Rear Camera:
F: 4K at 30FPS + R: 1080P at 30FPS; F: 4K at 30FPS + R: 720P at 30FPS
F: 2K at 60FPS + R: 1080P at 30FPS; F: 2K at 60FPS + R: 720P at 30FPS
F: 1080P at 96FPS + R: 1080P at 30FPS; F: 1080P at 96FPS + R: 720P at 60FPS
F: 720P at 96FPS + R: 1080P at 30FPS; F: 720P at 96FPS + R: 720P at 60FPS

Mobile App:
INNOVV App (iOS & Android Compatible); For Android smartphones (Android 5.1 and above) & iPhones (iOS 8.3 and above)

Remote Control: Yes

Microphone: External Mic, 2m

Parking Mode: Yes

Video Compression Mode: H264

Waterproof: IP67

Working Temperature: -30°C to 70°C

GPS: Yes

Input: 9-18V
Output: 5.0V±0.2V
Max. Current: 2A

What’s in the box?

INNOVV K5 Dash Cam Kit x 1
The Kit includes the following:
Front Camera (Integrated with DVR) x 1
Rear Camera (3.0 meter long video cable) x 1
Remote Control x 1
GPS Module x 1
External Microphone x 1
12V/5V Converter x 1
Rear Camera Mount x 1
DVR/Remote Control Mount x 1
User Guide x 1
Accessories (3M double-sided tape, waterproof rings, and thumb screws)

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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