DENALI DRL Daytime Running Light With Waterproof Flush Mounting Kit – White

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Upgrade your motorcycle's safety with the Denali DRL Daytime Running Light Waterproof Flush Mounting Kit in white, ensuring high visibility on the road. With its sleek design and powerful LED illumination, this kit enhances your bike's visibility during daylight hours, increasing overall safety for both you and other motorists. The waterproof flush mounting design provides durability and reliability, making it suitable for various weather conditions and riding environments. Illuminate your bike with confidence, knowing that you're equipped with advanced daytime running lights from Denali. Experience enhanced motorcycle safety with Denali's DRL Kit, designed to provide bright and visible lighting for increased visibility on the road. The white LED DRLs offer high intensity illumination, ensuring that your bike stands out during daytime riding. With the flush mount design, these lights seamlessly integrate into your motorcycle's aesthetics, providing a sleek and stylish appearance. Elevate your bike's safety features with DENALI's reliable and durable DRL Kit, perfect for enhancing visibility and reducing the risk of accidents. Illuminate your motorcycle with the Denali Daytime Running Light Kit, featuring waterproof flush mounting for optimal durability and performance. Designed to enhance visibility and safety, these high-intensity DRLs provide exceptional brightness during daylight hours, ensuring that you're noticed by other motorists on the road. Whether you're navigating urban streets or cruising on the highway, the DRL Kit offers a reliable solution to enhance your bike's safety features and improve overall visibility.

Product Description

This Daytime Running Light kit allows installation of a single Denali DRL pod with a flush fitment on any flat surface of your motorcycle for maximum visibility towards oncoming traffic. A silicone gasket ensures the unit is watertight and the included hardware allows through-bolting as well as blind self-tapping for installation on plastic.

Purpose built to create the most amount of light from the smallest, slimmest housing possible, the DENALI DRL integrates perfectly with the front end and is unbelievably bright. Complete with an integrated dual intensity circuit, the lights can be wired to run at full intensity, half intensity or automatically switch between the two with the motorcycle’s original high beam switch. The waterproof connector and posi-tap pigtail are designed to be wired right into the running light circuit making installation a breeze and operation effortless; the DRLs will simply come on and turn off with your vehicle’s ignition.

Like emergency strobe lights, the DENALI DRL optics are designed to concentrate the light at the source as opposed to project it down the road. While ideal for daytime and nighttime conspicuity, these lights will also provide a noticeable spread of light immediately in front of your motorcycle at night. Available in white and amber.

Using the included wiring adapter, the DRLs can be directly plug-and-play connected to a CANsmart Accessory Controller or to any DENALI 2.0-series wiring harness. When connected to a DENALI 2.0 harness, the DRLs will run only in high-intensity mode. But when connected through the CANsmart, the DRLs can be fully dimmed.


Dual Circuit: 50% & 100% Intensity
180-degree viewing angle
6 Extremely bright LEDs, 6 watt (each) power consumption

Product Specifications

Power Draw: 0.5 Amp
Voltage: 12V DC
Size: 104 x 28 x 11mm
Raw Lumens: 870
IP67 Waterproof

What’s in the box?

1 x DENALI DRL pod
Waterproof gasket
Set of flush-mount nut and bolt hardware
Set of flush-mount self tapping screw hardware
Wiring pigtail
Wiring adapter for Denali CANsmart or 2.0-series lighting harness
3 x Posi-taps

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