SW-Motech DIN to Cigarette Lighter Outlet Adapter

Convert a DIN spec outlet (found on most European bikes) to more common Cigarette Lighter Outlets

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Product Description

SW-Motech brings you the DIN to Cigarette Lighter outlet Adapter. Most European bikes (read Triumph & BMW) come with electrical outlets already on the bike, but these are the smaller DIN spec outlets, and a lot of the electrical accessories that are commonly available do not cater to this size. SW-Motech’s adapter comes to the rescue! This adapter has one end that will go into the DIN outlet, and the other end is the standard cigarette lighter outlet that you can use to charge your devices via a USB adapter, connect a tire pump etc. 


Connects to DIN standard outlets
Provides a standard Cigarette Lighter Outlet

Required Accessories

A Triumph or a BMW!



Product Specifications 

Standard Cigarette Lighter Outlet

What’s in the box?

DIN to Cigarette Lighter Outlet Adapter x 1


Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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