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Product Description

KOGO – The only travel partner you need! KOGO is the world’s first unified platform for road travel and storytelling.

KOGO turns your trips into amazing travel videos and rich stories – automatically; Using the power of AI, it combines maps, images, videos, music, animation, text and graphics to tell your travel story that can be shared instantly on any social network with minimal effort. Just pair it to the KOGO app, and start a trip.

KOGO basically is made up of two things – a KOGO bot, and an intelligent piece of software. The bot has a built in GPS tracker that records with pin point accuracy one’s whereabouts, and the software helps put the whole thing together. The new AI powered KogoAPP along with the sensor rich KogoBOT records where you go and converts it into unique travel stories that can be easily edited, shared and discovered anytime, anywhere.

The KOGO bot is as small as an off-the-shelf GPS device, and requires to be charged only once every 7-10 days. The devices can be mounted on to a motorcycle, a car’s dashboard, or can be just tucked away inside a backpack.

While the bot tracks routes in real time, the software is what makes the KOGO magic come alive. Once a user types in a destination (over the KOGO smartphone application), the software automatically creates a trip title, a trip description, and as one travels, the software creates hashtags, records where you stop, and syncs photographs with the trip.


Designed TO DISCOVER – Have you been looking for people who can recite road signs like you do? Find your people on the app; share unique experiences and explore hundreds of trips together. Connect with a nation-wide community of bikers, cyclists, road-trippers, and ask anything.

Easy To Capture – The KOGO TripTracker only needs to be synced once with the app and you’re ready to take on new and old adventures every day.

Automated To Create – For when you want to live in the moment instead of finding the right angle to click photos, KOGO creates quick video-stories and automated go-cards for you.

Simple To Share – Your experiences, created or curated by KOGO with Go-cards, can be instantly viewed, shared, or simply stored.

Edit As You Please – You can add recommendations, create moments and sync images to share with your community. Moreover, all your moments can be tweaked and edited as you please.


Lasts Really Long – With a 6000 mAh battery, the KOGO TripTracker can easily keep up with your miles. For up to 8 days when you’re up and around, you won’t need to recharge it.

Works Without Network – Traveling towards no-network areas? That’s totally up KOGO’s alley. When you don’t get internet, the TripTracker stores up to 5 days of offline content.

Keep It Anywhere – The KOGO TripTracker is small. Small enough to be mounted on a bike, on the dashboard, or simply stacked between your clothes in the backpack.

Unmatched Awareness – Save your phone’s battery for what it does best – phone calls. KOGO already has an accurate GPS tracker that is built for precision.

Built For Outdoors – KOGO has a dedicated GPS, multiple sensors, and secure internet connectivity to allow for secure, accurate, and precise real-time location tracking. It is Weatherproof & Shockproof (IP67 rated)


Inspire others by sharing your trips. But, we get it if your stories are yours to keep. You can simply turn on the privacy settings and keep them for your eyes only.

Your Data, Safe – Switch off the Bot anytime so it won’t collect your location information until you switch it back on.

How It Works?

Once the device is switched on, and ‘start trip’ is pressed over the KOGO smartphone application, the SIM card on the inside of the device tracks all GPS data, environmental data, and geographical coordinates (even if there is no available network). The devices stores up to 20 days of data. The bot and the software then work together to create unique stories, trip titles, trip descriptions, and syncs user taken photographs. The stories are then posted on the KOGO smartphone application for followers to see.


Unified platform for road travel and storytelling – it combines maps, images, videos, music, animation, text and graphics to tell your travel story that can be shared instantly on any social network
Easy to operate
Connect with a nation-wide community of bikers, cyclists, road-trippers, and ask anything
Compact, weatherproof & shockproof
Can also work without network

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 85mm x 58mm x 28 mm
Battery: 1 Lithium ion battery (included)
Color: Carbon Black
Weight: 161 Grams

What’s in the box?

KOGO TripTracker device x 1
FREE one year’s subscription worth Rs. 1,999 to the KOGO App to create unlimited trips x 1
SIM card for the KOGO TripTracker with data connection valid for one year x 1
6,000 mAh battery that lasts up to 8 days on the road x 1
Usage Instructions

How it works?

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