Elevate your BMW R1200GS's lighting capabilities with the Denali DM Auxiliary LED Light Mount, a high-quality accessory designed for adventure and off-road enthusiasts. This durable and sturdy light mount provides a secure solution for adding auxiliary LED lights to your motorcycle, enhancing both visibility and safety. Specifically crafted for the BMW R1200GS, the DENALI DM mount ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration, making it an indispensable upgrade for your bike. The Denali DM Auxiliary Light Mount is constructed from robust materials, ensuring it can withstand the toughest riding conditions. Whether you're navigating highways or rugged off-road trails, this heavy-duty light mount offers reliable performance and longevity. Installation is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing you to securely attach auxiliary lights without the need for complex modifications. The easy installation process means you can enhance your bike’s lighting system quickly, getting you back on the road or trail in no time. Improve your BMW R1200GS's lighting setup for better night riding visibility and overall safety. The Denali DM mount positions your auxiliary lights optimally, providing consistent and powerful illumination essential for night rides and off-road adventures. This versatile light bracket also allows for extensive customization, enabling you to tailor your bike's lighting setup to meet your specific needs and preferences. With the Denali DM Auxiliary LED Light Mount, you can enjoy a safer, more illuminated ride, making it a vital addition to your adventure bike gear. https://bigbadbikes.com/brand/denali/

Product Description

Denali brings you auxiliary light mounts for BMW R 1200 GS LC. This powder coated steel mount, allows you to mount the LED lights directly under the headlight.


Designed for Denali DM LED Lights.
Mounts two LEDs underneath the headlight.

Required Accessories

Denali DM LED Lights

Note: This will not work If you have the factory BMW LED headlight upgrade. This is due to the placement of the heatsink for the factory LED headlight (we use that area to mount the Denali light kit).

Product Specifications

Colour: Black

What’s in the box?

Denali Lighting DM LED mounting bracket
Installation instructions
Allen wrench

Installation Instructions

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
BMW R 1200 GS LC 2013 - 2016
BMW R 1200 GS LC 2017 - 2019
BMW R 1200 GS LC Rallye 2017 - 2019


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