Denali Offset Mount Auxiliary Lights with 3-Axis Adjustability

Universal articulating mounts for Denali Auxiliary LEDs

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Optimize your bike's lighting setup with the versatile Denali Offset Mount for Auxiliary Lights featuring 3-Axis Adjustability. This adjustable mount offers precise control over the angle and position of your auxiliary lights, allowing you to achieve optimal visibility on the road. Securely attach auxiliary lights to your motorcycle using the robust Adjustable Light Fixture, ensuring stability and durability even in challenging conditions. With the customizable Light Bar Adjuster, you can tailor the positioning of your bike's lights according to your preferences, enhancing your lighting setup for improved visibility. The Offset Auxiliary Bracket provides flexibility in light placement, allowing you to adapt to different riding conditions with ease. Achieve multi-angle positioning of your lights with the sturdy Light Position Adjuster, ensuring reliable performance during night rides. The Universal Light Mount offers compatibility with various auxiliary light brands, providing versatility for different lighting configurations. Enhance your bike's lighting setup with the Adjustable Light Holder, allowing you to achieve the perfect angle for your lights. With the Denali 3-Axis Light Clamp, you can secure auxiliary lights to your bike confidently, enhancing visibility on the road. Upgrade your bike's lighting system with Denali's Offset Mount for 3-Axis Light Adjustment, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety during night rides.

Product Description

Denali brings you the Universal articulating mounts for Denali Auxiliary LEDs. Constructed from black anodized billet aluminum for strength and durability, the Denali LED Lighting Universal Offset Mount Kit provides 3 axis adjustability with a 1.75″ (45mm) offset that mounts to any M5, M6 or M8 bolt point on your motorcycle. Typical mounting points include fairings, triple clamps and fenders, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The bracket includes M6 and M5 mounting bolts but will also accept an M8 bolt (not included). This makes the Denali LED Lighting Offset Mount kit the most universal offset mounting solution we know of!

NOTE: Lights not included!


Universal fitment
For all Auxiliary Lights

What’s in the box?

CNC machined black anodized billet aluminum brackets x 2
M8x12mm bolts to mount light to bracket x 2
M5x30mm mounting bolts x 2
M5x50mm mounting bolts x 2
M5x60mm mounting bolts x 2
M6x30mm mounting bolts x 2
M6x50mm mounting bolts x 2
M6x60mm mounting bolts x 2
Bushings for fitting M5 bolts x 2
Bushings for fitting M6 bolts x 2
Black anodized 14.3mm mounting spacers x 2
Black anodized 22.2mm mounting spacers x 2
Mounting instructions

Additional information
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