DENALI 194 Marker Bulb Plug-And-Play Trigger Wire Adapter (Fits Some BMW, Ducati, Triumph And Other Motorcycles)

Plug & Play Trigger Wire for BMW Motorcycles with Can-BUS

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Upgrade your motorcycle’s lighting system effortlessly with the Denali 194 Marker Bulb Plug-and-Play Trigger Wire Adapter. Designed to simplify the installation of marker bulbs, this adapter is compatible with BMW, Ducati, and Triumph motorcycles. It provides a quick and secure wiring solution. The Denali 194 Bulb Harness is engineered for easy plug-and-play installation, eliminating the hassle of complex wiring. Compatible with popular motorcycle brands such as BMW, Ducati, and Triumph. This adapter ensures a perfect fit and reliable connection. This adapter makes the process quick and stress-free. Enhance your motorcycle’s visibility and safety with this high-quality wiring adapter. By providing a secure and reliable connection for your marker bulbs, the Denali 194 Bulb Harness ensures optimal performance and longevity. Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting system with confidence, knowing that your marker lights are securely wired and functioning at their best. Perfect for bikers who enjoy DIY upgrades, the Denali 194 Marker Bulb Plug-and-Play Trigger Wire Adapter offers a hassle-free installation experience. This aftermarket bulb connector is designed to make your marker light installation and upgrades as simple as possible. Securely wire your marker bulbs with ease, and enjoy improved lighting and enhanced safety on every ride. Upgrade your motorcycle’s marker lights with the Denali 194 Marker Bulb Plug-and-Play Trigger Wire Adapter, and experience the benefits of easy installation, enhanced safety, and reliable performance.

Product Description

Denali brings you the Denali 194 Marker Bulb Plug-And-Play Trigger Wire Adapter. This adapter is designed to prevent electrical accessories from interfering with the electrical system on late model BMW motorcycles with a Can-BUS electrical system and a “City Light” 194 marker bulb in the headlight

Please Note: Only compatible with bikes that use a 194 marker bulb and have a “universal” bulb connector; will not fit bikes with a custom OEM 194 bulb connector.


Provides trigger output for add-on electrical accessories
Simple & easy to install

What’s in the box?

Denali 194 Marker Bulb Plug-And-Play Trigger Wire Adapter x 1

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the socket from the headlight housing.
2. Unplug the bulb from the socket.
3. Plug the circuit board into the socket from where you just removed the bulb.
4. Place heat shrink over the socket and circuit board and apply heat.
5. Plug the bulb into the new socket.
6. Using the lead coming from the socket, activate an external relay.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
BMW F 800 GS 2008 - 2012
BMW R 1200 GS 2004 - 2012
BMW R 1200 GS LC 2013 - 2016
BMW R 1200 GS LC 2017 - 2019
BMW R 1200 GS LC Rallye 2017 - 2019
BMW R 1200 GSA 2006 - 2012
BMW R 1200 GSA LC 2013 - 2019
BMW R 1250 GS 2019 - 2024
BMW R 1250 GSA 2019 - 2024


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