DENALI MT Series 3-Pin Connector – Female with Pigtail

Modify, customize, or replace electrical connections


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Upgrade your motorcycle's wiring system effortlessly with the Denali MT Series 3-Pin Female Connector with Pigtail. This essential connector facilitates secure electrical connections, ensuring reliable performance for your bike's electrical components. Whether you're repairing existing wiring or extending wires for custom installations, this female connector with pigtail offers a convenient solution for your motorcycle wiring needs. Ensure seamless electrical connections on your bike with the 3-Pin Connector with Pigtail designed specifically for motorcycle applications. This female connector for the MT Series provides a reliable interface for various electrical components, offering versatility and compatibility with different wiring setups. Whether you're adding new lights, accessories, or performing maintenance tasks, this connector simplifies the wiring process, allowing for efficient and effective electrical installations. Explore Denali's range of electrical accessories, including the Denali Connector Kit featuring the MT Series Female Connector with Pigtail. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, this connector kit is ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and DIYers alike. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner in motorcycle maintenance, this kit equips you with the necessary components to handle wiring repairs, upgrades, and custom installations with confidence.

Product Description

This Denali MT Series 3-Pin Female Waterproof Connector Pigtail can be used to to modify, customize, or replace electrical connections. The connector is pre-assembled with 3 inch 18 AWG wires exiting the connector which can be soldered onto the light or accessory of your choice.

Note: Alternatively Crimp-on 3-Pin Connector Sets are also available for purchase.

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