Polisport ProOctane Funnel

The essential, multi-functional funnel !

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Product Description

The new ProOctane Multipurpose Funnel is an addition to the ProOctane family. This is a multi-functional funnel that comes in handy at every garage or paddock.

The funnel also has an engraved graduation markings (ml and oz.) on it for easy measurement. The funnel has a capacity of 1000ml. The funnel has a top cover to keep dust and dirt out. The hose cap covers the hose between uses. And the included hose bender will help you find the right angle when re-fueling or changing oil.

The ProOctane Multipurpose Funnel also has a small tip cap, meant to make oil changes easy. The funnel has a large integrated handle for a firm grip.


Multipurpose Funnel
Top cover to keep dust and dirt out
Small tip Cap to change the oil
Capacity of 1000ml
Hose Bender for helping to find the right angle to change oil or re-fuel
Hose cap to cover the hose when not in use

Additional Information / Product Reviews

ProOctane – Multipurpose Funnel

Source: Polisport Off-Road


Never exceed the maximum capacity of the funnel. The liquids should never exceed the capacity engraved on the side of the part.

You should check for the presence of impurities or small particles after each use. It is advised to clean and dry the funnel interior before using it to fill a different fluid.

After each use, the funnel should be empty. Do not use it to store liquids between utilizations.

This funnel was developed to help the refuelling or changing the oil of your bike. It is not meant to transport any kind of fluid.

The top cover was developed to prevent impurities or debris from getting inside the funnel. The system is not watertight.

Product Specifications

Material: Durable HDPE Plastic
Maximum Capacity: 1000ml
Weight: 379gms

What’s in the box?

Polisport ProOctane Funnel x 1
Oil Filling Cap x 1
Hose Cap x 1
Hose Bender x 1


Additional information
Weight 5 kg


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