Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme Adventure Cover

Get the highest level of all-weather protection for your parked bike!


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Product Description

The Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme™ Adventure Motorcycle Cover is made from 100% waterproof UltraMax® fabric which provides the highest level of all-weather protection in the power sports industry, along with the maximum UV protection against sun’s harmful rays. The cover is made using electronically heat taped seams, making each cover 100% waterproof. The covers are sized to fit most Adventure-Touring motorcycles, with and without saddlebags and top case.

Other features include a soft windshield liner to protect against scratching, inner heat resistant material, an exclusive Perma-venting™ system for air circulation, reflective accents for improved night visibility in dark parking spots, security grommets at the front wheel for an optional cable lock, and a snug elastic hem with a quick release under belly strap to secure the cover to the bike, all manufactured with the highest quality and workmanship. The cover comes packed inside a free compression bag for the ultimate in compact storage.

* Depending on exhaust type and length of riding, we recommend to let pipes and moving parts that may heat up cool at least 10 minutes before covering
**Cover is not intended for trailering


Sized to fit most Adventure-Touring motorcycles with and without saddlebags and top case
100% waterproof UltraMax® polyester with heat taped seams
Maximum UV protection against sun’s harmful rays
Exclusive Perma-Venting® system minimizes condensation and allows air circulation
Snug elastic hem and quick release belly strap secures cover to the bike
Packed in free compression bag for the ultimate in compact storage

Additional Information

Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme Full Covers

Source: Nelson Rigg

Product Specifications

Material: UltraMax® polyester

What’s in the box?

Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme Adventure Cover x 1

Installing your cover

Installing your new Nelson Rigg cover is easy! To help, there is a “Back” tag that is sewn on the inside of the cover located at the rear tire. Once you’ve identified the back of the cover, you may start to secure the cover around the front tire first, then pull the cover over the top of the handlebars and secure around the rear tire last. *Note: the elastic around the bottom of the cover will hold in place under normal weather conditions. Be cautious when installing the cover on the vehicle which has been just driven to ensure the material does not come into contact with hot parts or pipes.

Removing the cover

– Lift both ends of the cover from under front and rear tires and fenders.
– Pull up the front part of cover over handle bars and mirrors then pull up the rear of the cover over the seat.
– Make sure the cover is dry and clean before packing inside of the storage bag.


The following information is only a recommendation. All cleaning products and methods should be tested on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the original stain/soiling.

Cover Care
To clean your cover, wash with warm soapy water using a soft sponge or brush. Air-dry the cover only. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Store cover in a dry location. If there is sign of moisture on or inside of the cover, it is recommended the cover be air dried completely before storing the cover to help prevent the start of mold or mildew to form. Moisture, tree sap, animal/insect droppings or harmful chemical buildups will be harmful to the fabrics if not treated properly.

Cover is not intended for trailering.

Additional information
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