Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle

The world’s first pressure washer, built specifically for bikes and motorcycles, and safe to use on bearings and delicate surfaces too!

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Product Description

Introducing the World’s first pressure washer designed and built purely for cleaning both bikes and motorcycles. The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle includes all you need to get your motorcycle back to that factory fresh look while also looking out for those delicate bearings, surfaces and suspension parts. 

The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle includes the following: a Pressure Washer, a 30L waterproof Dry Bag, a Snow Foam Lance, Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner (1L), Nano Tech Concentrate (1L), Motorcycle Protectant (500ml) and a Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Muc-Off’s pressure washer features three lances to cater for specific cleaning needs, as well as a Snow Foam Lance to transform your bottle of Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner into the ultimate dirt destroying snow foam. All you need is a power source and water supply and you’ll be able to give your pride and joy the ultimate deep clean it deserves!

PRESSURE WASHER: Specifically designed to be safe for use on your bike, so you can get all the benefits of a thorough clean with far less effort! Muc-Off’s bearing and suspension friendly Pressure Washer’s so fun and easy to use, you’ll never want to put it down. This Pressure Washer is designed to do one thing – give your bike a clean like nothing else! This small but mighty machine is packed full of epic features to make cleaning easier than ever. It’s powerful enough to make light work of heavy grime but not too powerful that it’ll ruin your bearings. It’s small size makes it perfect for on-the-go cleaning. The Bicycle & Motorcycle specific cleaning lances are bearing and suspension friendly. They create a wider and less powerful fan of water and they are perfect for use on all delicate bearings, suspension components and paint finishes. The Adjustable cleaning lance allows you to adjust pressure for removing heavier grime and is ideal for other household cleaning, such as windows, patios and decking.

PRESSURE WASHER BAG: This 30L custom waterproof dry bag carry case is designed to easily store and carry the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and keep available peripherals within easy reach and safe from tripping over in your garage! It has heavy duty grab handles, a front storage pocket and rear and side accessory nets.

SNOW FOAM LANCE: To go alongside the pressure washer, Muc-Off designed a specific low-pressure snow foam lance that won’t damage any delicate parts but transforms your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into a high quality, thick snow foam for the ultimate and efficient deep clean. This lance makes covering a bike in cleaner easy. This custom lance fits directly onto the top of your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Muc-Off Nano Gel Concentrate or 1L Snow Foam, meaning no additional bottle is required to mix or dilute. The top dial adjusts the ratio of cleaner to water for a custom clean. 

1L NANO TECH CLEANER: Using Muc-Off’s state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula, Muc-Off cuts through grime quicker than you can say “OMG!” regardless of the weather or riding conditions. This classic pink Bike Cleaner has incredible cleaning power because it contains revolutionary Nano Technology that breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your bike’s delicate finish. Because Muc-Off uses the finest ingredients and surfactants, their formula is a closely guarded trade secret.

1L NANO TECH CONCENTRATE: The Bike Cleaner Concentrate has arrived! That’s right; Muc-Off’s relentless R&D team made their Nano Tech Bike Cleaner that much better by creating a handy refill pouch! It’s the same award winning cleaner but in concentrate form! Just one 1L bottle will make four 1 litre bottles of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner!

MOTORCYCLE PROTECTANT: If you are looking for an all-round motorcycle protectant for your motorbike – then this is it! It helps prevent dirt adhesion between washes. Motorcycle Protectant has been developed so it can be used all over your motorbike, and has an after wash corrosion inhibitor which drives out moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective layer smelling of fresh Vanilla!

MICROFIBRE POLISHING CLOTH: Muc-Off’s Premium Microfiber cloths aren’t just cloths – they’re a gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfiber cloths contain an amazing ‘split-fiber’ technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes. As well as this, Muc-Off’s microfiber’s trap dirt deep in the pile of the cloth – which helps to avoid the chance of swirling, which could ultimately lead to damaged paintwork. Because Muc-Off’s cloths are made up of very small fibers, you’ll be cleaning at a much deeper level, meaning that whether it’s interiors or exteriors, bikes or cars, you can be sure you are removing the dirt and grime!

The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle – transforming the way you clean your motorcycle, forever!

World’s first pressure washer designed and built purely for cleaning motorcycles
Kit includes: Pressure Washer, 30L waterproof Dry Bag, a Snow Foam Lance, Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner (1L), Nano Tech Concentrate (1L), Motorcycle Protectant (500ml) and a Microfiber Polishing Cloth.
Snow Foam Lance creates a thick dirt destroying foam layer
Soft touch finish to the lances and gun to prevent damage
Nano Tech Cleaner breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your bike’s delicate finish
One 1L bottle of Nano Tech Concentrate will make four 1 litre bottles of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
Motorcycle Protectant helps prevent dirt adhesion between washes
Premium Microfiber Cloth is a super-soft, high quality cloth and is safe to use on all surfaces
Lightweight and compact, with waterproof Dry Bag for easy storage and transport

Product Information – Proper Use


  1. Operate the pressure washer at no more than the fluid pressure rated for the pressure washer.
    Never run the pressure washer without a water supply. Running the unit without a water supply will cause irreparable damage to the unit.
  2. Make sure that the water supply you use for the pressure washer is not dirty, sandy, and does not hold any corrosive chemical products. Using a dirty water supply will compromise the long life of the pressure washer.
  3. NEVER move the unit by pulling on the hose. Use the handle provided on the top of the unit.

Important Safety Tips

  1. Never point the pressure nozzle at people or animals.
  2. Never drink alcohol or use drugs while operating the pressure washer.
  3. Never operate the pressure washer while standing in water.
  4. Never touch the electrical plug with wet hands.
  5. Never let electrical connections rest in water.
  6. Never operate pressure washer without the water turned on.
  7. Never use hot water with this pressure washer.

Important Safety Precautions

WARNING: When using this product, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  1. Read all instructions before using the product. Please keep all safety instructions.
  2. Do not operate the pressure washer when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Risk of injection or injury – do not direct the water stream at people or animals.
  4. Do not allow children to operate the pressure washer at any time.
  5. To reduce the risk of injury, please take extra care when the pressure washer is used near children.
  6. Know how to stop the unit and reduce pressure immediately. Be completely familiar with the controls.
  7. Stay alert – always be aware of where you are directing the spray.
  8. Keep cleaning area clear of people.
  9. Keep a good footing and balance at all times – do not overreach or stand on an unstable surface.
  10. The work area should have adequate drainage to reduce the possibility of a fall due to slippery surfaces.
  11. Follow the maintenance instructions specified in this manual.
  12. To reduce the risk of electrocution, keep all connections dry and off the ground. Do not touch plug with wet hands.

Please Note: Please do not purchase an EU plug for use in the UK (and vise-versa) operating via a plug adapter as this will make the product warranty null and void.

Frequently Asked Questions

No the pressure washer requires a mains water supply to work properly.

The snow foam lance is only designed to be used with our bespoke pressure washer so is not compatible with Karcher.

The clear fitting goes in the back of the pressure washer and black fittings are for the mains hosepipe

Product Specifications

Pressure Washer
Motor Power: 1200W
Volt/Freq: 220-240V~50/60Hz
Motor Type: Carbon brush motor
Rated Pressure: 70 bar
Permissible Pressure: 100 bar
Max. Inlet Water Pressure: 1.2 MPa
Rated Flow: 5.5L/min
Max. Flow: 6.5L/min
Max. Water Temperature: 50°C
Water Protection Class: IPX5
N.W. / G/W.: 5.5/6.2 kgs
Power Lead Length: 5M

Pressure Washer Dry Bag
Storage Capacity: 30L
Material: Waterproof PVC construction

Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner
Size: 1L

Nano Tech Concentrate
Size: 1L

Motorcycle Protectant
Size: 500ml

What’s in the box?

Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle x 1 Kit
Kit includes the following:
Pressure Washer x 1
Pressure Washer Bag x 1
Snow Foam Lance x 1
Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner 1L x 1
Nano Tech Concentrate 1L x 1
Motorcycle Protectant 500ml x 1
Microfiber Polishing Cloth

How To Use

We’ve put together a few simple steps to help you get the most out of Muc-Off’s Pressure Washer when cleaning your pride and joy.


Step 1 – Connect the Muc-Off Pressure Washer to a mains-power source and a water outlet with a suitable connection
Step 2 – Using the bicycle specific lance, give your bike a thorough rinse using just water to blast the worst of the dirt off
Step 3 – Take the snow foam lance attachment, connect it up with the Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, adjust the foam nozzle accordingly, and hit your entire bike with some snow foam
Step 4 – Allow 3-5 minutes for the formula to work its magic
Step 5 – Agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge
Step 6 – Re-connect the bicycle specific lance and rinse your entire bike thoroughly
Step 7 – Use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the bike off
Step 8 – Apply Motorcycle Protectant evenly on the frame and componentry, making sure to avoid your brakes

TOP TIP: Make sure to use the correct lance for the safest and best possible cleaning results.

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