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A simple, universal chain oiling system

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Did You Know ?


Product Description 

Cobrra brings you the Nemo 2, a universal, automated chain oiling system. The Nemo 2 works off a pressure charging system, where the cap of the unit is twisted pressurising the system and pushing the oil down to the chain at a controlled rate. Its best to pressurise the system just before setting out on the bike, as the oil will flow at a controlled rate for the next 2-3 minutes.  It’s a simple addition to your bike that can increase the life of your chain and sprockets, and drastically cut down on the time needed for chain maintenance. Cobrra prescribes any 80W-90 oil for riding predominantly on-road, and bio-oil for predominantly off-road conditions.


Not dependant on vacuum or electronics
Reduce time for chain maintenance
Increase life of chain and sprockets
Improves performance

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Cobrra Nemo 2 Oiler
Mounting Materials & Instructions



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