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TM522-10 OptiMate-Solar-Panel-10W-Kit-TM522-1

Optimate Solar Battery Charger – 2.5A, 10W

Charger by day, monitor by night!

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Charger by day, monitor by night!

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Did You Know ?
Did You Know ?

Product Description

OptiMate Solar 10W, the smartest sun powered 24-7 maintainer for your motorcycle, ATV, Side by Side or personal water craft’s 12V battery – Charger by day, monitor by night!

– Smart fully sealed charge controller converts solar power and delivers max. 0.83A in full sun OR power pulses in cloudy weather, to your 12V lead-acid (STD, AGM, GEL) starter or deep cycle battery.
– Controller’s ‘night’ monitor mode indicates battery’s state of charge on a 3 LED panel – Status of your battery is available night and day!
– Wide spectrum weatherproof polycrystaline panel with corner mounts – Works in any weather!
– Unique pulse save mode recovers ‘dead flat’ sulphated batteries from as low as 1V – The most advanced solar recovery program!
– OptiMate Solar smart pulse maintenance guarantees more battery power, longer battery life!

Saves flat batteries from as low as 1V with its unique pulse action.
Fastest charge is delivered as ‘smart charge’ control selects pulse or continuous charge according to sunlight strength.
Intelligent maintenance continues the next day if battery retained charge overnight, otherwise the program reverts to OPTIMIZE step.

Battery condition is displayed every 3 seconds. Ready indication for STD and hi-performance AGM batteries. Draws less than 0.5mA during monitor mode.
Automatically switches to CHARGE when solar power is sufficient.

The OptiMate charger-monitor controller is separate to the solar panel and can be placed close to the vehicle or battery so that charge and maintenance progress can be easily followed. The solar panel must be mounted and angled to receive direct sunlight. The reach / distance between battery and panel is 315cm / 124″. To extend, use OptiMate Cable Extenders O-03, O-13 or O-23 and insert between the solar panel and the OptiMate charge-monitor controller.
Outer dimension, including corner mount brackets : Width = 29.3 cm / 11 1/2 ” Height = 32.5cm / 12 5/8 ” Depth = 2.6 cm / 1”

Solar panel:

POWER: 10 Watts (max.)

VOLTS:  12V nominal, 22V maximum.

USE: Outdoor.

STYLE: Weatherproof, aluminium frame with 4 x mounting brackets, output cable 200cm / 80″ with SAE connector.

OptiMate Charge controller:

CHARGING AMPS: 0.83A from 10W panel (max. average current), 3-5A pulse current

USE: Indoor / Outdoor (lowest temperature: -4°F / -20°C).

SAVE: Low Volt Start of 1V

IDEAL FOR: STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 2 – 240Ah.

INPUT: 15 – 22V

STYLE: Weatherproof charge controller case.

INCLUDED: Weatherproof battery lead, standard battery clip set & 10W solar panel

SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty.

Additional Information

Source: Optimate

Source: Optimate


Product Specifications

12v 0.8A output
6-step charge cycle
Designed for for 12V AGM, GEL or STD batteries (from 2 – 240Ah)

What’s in the box?

Battery Lead x 1
Battery Clip Set x 1
10W Solar Panel x 1
Mounting brackets x 4
Output cable 200cm / 80″ with SAE connector x 1
OptiMate Charge Controller x 1

Compatibility Warning

Designed for for 12V AGM, GEL or STD batteries (from 2 – 240Ah)



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