Gear Aid Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches

Patch a hole or tear in GORE-TEX jackets, raincoats, ski pants, and gloves with these black peel-and-stick patches made of authentic GORE-TEX fabric

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Product Description

When GORE-TEX® gear gets a tear, don’t despair! Fix it with Gear Aid’s Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches. This kit contains two adhesive-backed fabric patches. The pressure-sensitive patches can be cut to the size and shape you need for a hole or tear on any gear. The strong patch bonds to the fabric and will not peel off even when washed. Apply low heat with an iron or tumble dry on low for increased adhesion. Use Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches for a fast in-home or field fix to your GORE-TEX gear.

Durable –These patches are made of authentic GORE-TEX material for all-weather protection to rain jackets, ski pants, gloves, gaiters, or waders

Powerful – Strong tape with ultra-aggressive adhesive provides maximum hold to quickly patch holes or small tears at home or in the field

Peel-and-Stick – Patch all types of GORE-TEX gear with this fabric patch that comes in two sizes (63.5 mm x 71.12 mm hex and 63.5 mm x 101.6 mm rectangle)

Fast Fix – No sewing skills required; simply remove the backing and apply with pressure or low heat

Washable – The strong patch bonds to outdoor fabrics and materials and will not peel off even when washed


GORE-TEX material for true waterproof protection
2 patches per kit
Easy to use
Apply heat to bond patch

Product Specifications

Material: GORE-TEX fabric
Color: Black
Size: 63.5 mm x 71.12 mm hex and 63.5 mm x 101.6 mm rectangle
Application: Peel and stick or use iron to increase bond strength
Application temperature: Room temperature
Removable: Yes
Washable: Yes
Storage: Store in original envelope

What’s in the box?

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches x 2 patches
63.5 mm x 71.12 mm Hexagonal Patch x 1
63.5 mm x 101.6 mm Rectangular Patch x 1


a. Clean and dry surface.
b. Cut patch, round corners and remove backing.
c. Apply with pressure from the center out.
d. Store patches in original package.

TIP: For maximum-strength repairs, apply heat with an iron at low setting.

Click here for more tips on how to use Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches

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