DENALI DM v2.0 TriOptic™ Auxiliary LED Lights – Lights Only – Set of 2

Want to make sure you’re visible to others on the road, both day and night? The Denali DMs are the perfect daytime running lights and are a great compliment to your headlights at night

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Illuminate your path with the powerful Denali DM v2.0 TriOptic Auxiliary LED Lights - Set of 2, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety on the road. Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting system with the DM v2.0 LED Lights - Set of 2, offering superior brightness and reliability for your rides. Enhance both safety and style with Motorcycle Auxiliary LED Lights, providing a versatile lighting solution for your bike. Equip your motorcycle with the DM v2.0 LED Lights Set - a comprehensive kit designed to improve your bike's lighting setup and overall performance. Elevate your ride with the Motorcycle Lighting Upgrade offered by DENALI DM v2.0 TriOptic Lights, delivering high-performance auxiliary lighting for any riding conditions. Discover the power of high-intensity illumination with the TriOptic Light Kit, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during your journeys. Enhance your bike's visibility and safety with the Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights from Denali, providing reliable illumination when you need it most. Elevate your motorcycle's lighting with the DM v2.0 Lights Pair, offering a powerful and efficient lighting solution for your rides. Explore the versatility of DENALI's Motorcycle Light Accessories, allowing you to customize and enhance your bike's lighting according to your preferences.

Product Description

Want to make sure you’re visible to others on the road, both day and night? The Denali DMs are the perfect daytime running lights and are a great compliment to your headlights at night.  The Denali DM v2.0 TriOptic™ Auxiliary LED Lights have been designed to concentrate all 2190 lumens into a small optic to create a super-compact light that is incredibly bright to look at. These lights are the ideal solution for daytime visibility but will still outshine your typical high beam. The installed spot beam lenses create a beam that reaches a distance of 395 feet (per pair).

The DENALI DM lights maximize visibility in an extremely durable, efficient, compact yet very powerful package. The DM is primarily designed for conspicuity, so you’ll stand out from road clutter and be seen by other drivers, but it also provides a useful increase in illumination over your motorcycle’s stock headlight. Fitted into rugged aluminum housings only 43mm in diameter and 61mm long are powerful 10-watt Cree LEDs, providing 120m of useful, confidence inspiring light. The DM’s compact shape allows it to be fitted anywhere your imagination takes it, although it’s really optimized for fender mounting.

The DENALI DM features a durable black powder-coated finish and special cooling fins to make sure the LED itself runs cool and bright. New for the DENALI 2.0 series is a special Impact PC™ corrosion proof bezel that ensures your lights will continue to look great even after repeated stone and debris impacts. Low profile hinge mounts offer secure mounting and include stainless steel M8 mounting hardware for installation on light bars or model specific light mounts.

Denali’s TriOptic™ Lens System means that each light pod has a factory-installed clear spot lens but also includes an optional flood lens to enable three different beam options when used as a pair (Spot, Flood, or Hybrid). Each lamp comes with both spot (installed) and flood (supplied) lenses in the box. The spot lens produces the greatest beam distance, while the flood lens produces a broader spread of light closer to the motorcycle, filling the road edge and shoulders. To get the best of both worlds, use a spot lens on one light and a flood lens on the other light for distance illumination and a useful spread of light at close range. The flood lenses E-Marked to be road legal in countries where this is a requirement. 

Choose to add an additional set of amber or selective yellow lenses to achieve greater performance in adverse weather conditions or to make your vehicle significantly more visible to other motorists on the road!    


Ideal solution for daytime visibility but will still outshine your typical high beam
395 feet throw
Spot beam, with interchangeable flood lenses supplied
Total load 20W, 1.6 amp

Required Accessories – Make sure you choose an appropriate wiring harness (see suggestions at the bottom of the page) to go along with these lights. 

Additional information / Product Reviews

DENALI Electronics DM LED Lights Overview

Source: DENALI Electronics

Product Specifications

Size: 43mm dia x 61mm deep
Power Draw: 20W, 1.6 amps
Beam Distance (Spot): 395 feet
Beam Width (Spot): 55 feet
Raw Lumens: 2190
LED : 10 watt Cree XPL HI (per lamp)
IP67 Waterproof & Submersible

What’s in the box?

Denali 2.0 DM TriOptic™ LED lights (Pair)
Mounting Instructions

Installation Instructions

Additional information
Weight 3 kg

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