DENALI D3 Auxiliary LED Lights – Driving (Spot) – Lights Only – Set of 2

Durable, high-performance, crazy bright auxiliary LED lights!

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Enhance your motorcycle's visibility during nighttime rides with the DENALI D3 Driving Spot Lights. This set of two powerful auxiliary LED lights is meticulously designed to provide clear spot lighting, ensuring improved visibility on the road. Whether you're navigating through poorly lit streets or tackling challenging terrains, these driving lights offer enhanced illumination, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting setup with ease using the DENALI D3 Driving Lights. Designed for hassle-free installation, these lights come as a pair, allowing you to effortlessly mount them on your bike. With their driving (spot) beams, they provide focused lighting, illuminating the path ahead with clarity and precision. Whether you're cruising on highways or exploring off-road trails, these lights offer reliable performance, enhancing your visibility and safety in various riding conditions. Experience superior lighting performance with the DENALI D3 Driving Lights Only set, specially crafted for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking uncompromising visibility. With their high-quality construction and advanced design, these lights deliver exceptional brightness and clarity, illuminating the road ahead with precision. Whether you're embarking on long-distance journeys or navigating through urban landscapes, these driving lights provide reliable illumination, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Product Description

Denali’s new D3 LED lights are built upon a decade of Denali innovation to deliver the highest performing 36-watt street-legal driving light to hit the market. Denali’s D3 driving light features their signature TriOptic™ beam system that includes a spot and hybrid driving lens with each light pod, so you can run a full spot beam, a full hybrid driving beam, or one of each to create a spot/hybrid combo. The hybrid lens option is both SAE and ECE certified to deliver an impressive street-legal high beam in North America and European Union countries while the maxed-out spot lens is only ECE certified because it is too bright to pass SAE regulations. But what if you’re not concerned with street-legal precision and just want off-road outrageous? We got you covered too! The D3 spot lens was engineered for maximum beam distance measuring over 1900 feet at 1 lux (per pair). No other 36-watt light even comes close. The spot beam is so impressive it actually outperforms top-tier competitors’ lights that are twice its size. 

The D3 housing is only 90mm round and 66mm deep. A pair of D3s feature High-Intensity Series Cree LEDs outputting 4200 lumens. The DataDim™ 3-wire smart-dimming technology is compatible with all Denali dimming controllers. All Denali housings are IP67 waterproof & submersible, making sure you’re ready for any adventure that comes your way! These DrySeal™ Submersible Waterproof lights can withstand the most extreme environments. The Impact PC™ Polycarbonate bezels won’t crack, fade or corrode like traditional aluminum bezels.  The Impact PC™ corrosion proof bezel ensures your lights will continue to look great even after repeated stone and debris impacts. LiveActive™ Thermal Management keeps the LEDs cool preventing the loss of light output from overheating. Low profile mounting brackets with stainless steel hardware included. Additional SAE/DOT & ECE certified hybrid driving lens included (spot lens installed).

Choose to add a set of amber or selective yellow lenses (available separately) to achieve greater performance in adverse weather conditions or to make your vehicle significantly more visible to other motorists on the road!

More Flexibility, Maximum Control – Denali has expanded on their standard light kit to deliver a customizable package that allows you to choose the best harness and lighting control option for your vehicle on your budget! Select from the options below to learn more about each of Denali’s wiring and switching options. Please be sure to add one of these options to your light pods to complete your Denali lighting kit!

Standard Powersports Harness – Robust, inexpensive, low-profile waterproof switch – the best option for a basic single intensity install

Standard Automotive Harness – Robust, added length, and a flush mount illuminated rocker switch for dash mounting

Premium Powersports Harness – Over molded wire, and a premium illuminated switch with handlebar mounting kit

DataDim Dual-Intensity Controller – Add this clever dimmer module to any of the above harnesses to enable your lights to change intensity in sync with your factory high beam switch!

DialDim Lighting Controller – The top dog in LED lighting control allows you to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of lights from a single halo dimmer switch and unlocks heaps of bonus features like high/low sync, strobe with horn, flash with signal, cancel with signal, electronic fuse setting and even doubles as a battery voltage monitor!

And last but not least Denali also makes a complete accessory manager (The CANsmart Controller) that has dozens of customizable settings for controlling LED lights but can also be used to power and control any electrical accessories from lights and horns to heated grips, dash cams and GPS units.

Denali’s D3 is also available in an SAE & ECE certified fog beam for drivers seeking a true street-legal fog beam that is super wide and features a crisp horizontal “cut-off”.


Beam distance: 320m – 582m & Beam width: 30m – 69m, per pair, based on the combination of lenses used
4200 raw lumens per pair
Total load 72W, 6 Amps

Required Accessories – Make sure you choose an appropriate wiring harness (see the suggestions listed above) to go along with these lights. 

Additional information / Product Reviews

Best LED Motorcycle Light? – DENALI D3 Beam Comparison – Spot, Fog, & Hybrid vs DENALI D4 and D7

Source: Denali Electronics

Product Specifications

Size per pod: 90mm round x 66mm deep
Power Draw: 36 Watts / 3 Amps per pod; (76 Watts / 6 Amps per pair)
Raw Lumens: 4200 per pair (2100 per pod)
LED per pod: (3x) 11 Watt Cree XP-P LEDs
Beam Performance (pair):
Spot Beam:
Beam Distance (at 1 lux): 1910 feet (582 meters)
Beam Width (at 1 lux): 100 feet (30 meters)
Combo Beam (1 spot, 1 hybrid):
Beam Distance (at 1 lux): 1520 feet (463 meters)
Beam Width (at 1 lux): 175 feet (53 meters)
Hybrid Beam:
Beam Distance (at 1 lux): 1050 feet (320 meters)
Beam Width (at 1 lux): 225 feet (69 meters)
IP67 Waterproof & Submersible
DataDim™ Compatible: Yes

What’s in the box?

Denali D3 LED Light Pod (spot lens installed) x 2
Denali D3 Hybrid Lens x 2
Hinge Mounts with M8 Stainless Steel Hardware x 2
Wiring Pigtail x 2
Mounting Instructions

Installation Instructions

Additional information
Weight 3 kg


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