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A wiring harness from Denali, designed to power two Denali 2.0 LED Light Pods


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Streamline the electrical setup on your motorcycle with the Denali Standard Wiring Harness, offering a dependable solution for all your wiring needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bike's electrical system or make modifications, this wiring harness provides a reliable foundation for secure and efficient wiring. With its universal compatibility, it simplifies the wiring process on any motorcycle, ensuring easy installation and customization. Upgrade your bike's electrical configuration with the Motorcycle Wiring Kit from Denali, designed to enhance performance and reliability. This electrical harness for bikes ensures secure wiring, allowing you to customize and optimize your bike's electrical setup with ease. Trust in Denali's reputation for quality and precision when it comes to your motorcycle's electrical needs, and experience the difference in performance and convenience. Invest in the Denali Wiring System for your motorcycle and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electrical components are in good hands. Whether you're tackling DIY wiring projects or seeking to enhance your bike's performance, this standard wire harness provides a versatile and reliable solution. Elevate your bike's electrical setup with DENALI's trusted wiring system and experience improved performance on the road.

Product Description

Denali’s Standard Powersports Wiring Harness features high-quality waterproof components and is designed to power two Denali 2.0 LED Light Pods. It has the exact same functionality as Denali’s Premium Wiring Harness but features a smaller waterproof switch designed for surface or flush mounting.

The standard harness also features Denali’s clever HotSwap™ design that enables an effortless swap from the standard single-intensity relay to Denali’s Dual-Intensity DataDim™ Controller. (sold separately) Plug in the DataDim™ Controller to enable the Denali lights to switch between half and full intensity with your vehicle’s original high beam switch.


Designed to power two Denali 2.0 LED Light Pods
Features the HotSwap™ design

What’s in the box?

Standard Wiring Harness with surface-mount waterproof switch x 1
Single-Intensity Relay x 1
Adhesive Pad x 1
Mounting Instructions

Additional information
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