DENALI D7 Blackout Cover Kit

Get added protection to your Denali D7 lights from rocks and other debris, when not in use

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Protecting your motorcycle lights with Denali D7 Blackout Covers, you can shield your D7 lights from various environmental elements such as debris, rocks, and weather elements. These blackout lens protectors serve as a crucial accessory, safeguarding your lights from damage and preserving their functionality over time. Moreover, Denali's D7 Blackout Cover Kit not only provides protection but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle. By adding these blackout covers, you can give your bike a sleek and stylish look while maintaining the functionality of your lights. This combination of protection and style makes the D7 Blackout Covers a must-have accessory for any rider looking to upgrade their lighting system. Investing in quality protection for your motorcycle lights is an investment in the safety and longevity of your bike. With Denali D7 Blackout Covers, you can ride with confidence knowing that your lights are well-protected and your bike looks great on the road. Whether you're navigating urban streets or tackling off-road trails, these blackout covers provide peace of mind and enhance your riding experience.

Product Description

The Denali Slip-On Blackout Covers with their rugged silicone construction, give added protection from rocks and other debris, to your Denali D7 lights, when not in use. Slip them on in places that require aftermarket lighting to be covered on public roads. Once you get to the trails, slip the covers off of your Denali D7 lights and go.


Easy to slip on and off
It’s rugged silicone construction gives added protection from rocks and other debris

Product Specifications

Material: Silicone construction
Color: Black

What’s in the box?

Denali Slip-On Blackout Covers for D7 LED Lights x 1 pair

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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