DENALI S4 Blackout Cover Kit

Get added protection to your Denali S4 lights from rocks and other debris, when not in use

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Protect and enhance your S4 lights with the Denali S4 Blackout Cover Kit, providing both style and functionality to your motorcycle. With the S4 Light Protection Kit, you can elevate your bike's appearance while ensuring the safety of your lights. Explore the versatile range of motorcycle light accessories offered by Denali's S4 Blackout Covers, allowing you to customize your bike's lighting setup according to your preferences. Upgrade your S4 lights with the S4 Blackout Lens Kit, which not only enhances style but also provides additional protection against the elements. With the Motorcycle Lighting Upgrade - S4 Blackout Kit, you can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle while ensuring optimal functionality. Safeguard your lights and enhance their aesthetics with the comprehensive S4 Light Cover Set, offering complete protection and style for your S4 lights. Discover various customization options with the Motorcycle Accessory Kit for S4 lights, allowing you to personalize your bike's lighting setup to suit your individual style. Ensure the safety of your lights while adding a sleek touch with S4 Light Lens Protection, keeping your lights safe from damage. Upgrade and safeguard your bike's lighting with the versatile Light Cover Kit for S4, offering both protection and style for your S4 lights.

Product Description

The Denali Slip-On Blackout Covers with their rugged silicone construction, give added protection from rocks and other debris, to your Denali S4 lights, when not in use. Slip them on in places that require aftermarket lighting to be covered on public roads. Once you get to the trails, slip the covers off of your Denali S4 lights and go.


Easy to slip on and off
It’s rugged silicone construction gives added protection from rocks and other debris

Product Specifications

Material: Silicone construction
Color: Black

What’s in the box?

Denali Slip-On Blackout Covers for S4 LED Lights x 1 pair

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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