DENALI Soundbomb Mini Horn

A quick and easy upgrade to your stock horn!

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Upgrade your motorcycle's safety with the powerful Denali Soundbomb Mini Horn. Designed for maximum volume, this compact horn ensures you're heard on the road. It enhances your visibility and safety. Replace your stock horn with this high-volume horn kit to ensure a clear road signal that alerts other drivers to your presence. With its powerful and clear sound, this horn replacement ensures you're heard when it matters most, providing improved safety and peace of mind on every ride. Experience the power of the Soundbomb Mini Horn and make your presence known on the road. Be heard with this compact horn that delivers a loud and unmistakable sound. This ensures better safety and visibility for your motorcycle. Upgrade to the DENALI Soundbomb Mini Horn Kit for a clear and powerful signal that commands attention.   Ensure a safer riding experience with the Soundbomb Mini Horn, designed for better safety and visibility. With its powerful and clear sound, this horn replacement makes a noticeable difference on the road. Upgrade your motorcycle's safety and peace of mind with the compact yet powerful Denali's Soundbomb Mini Horn. Denali provides improved road signaling and increased visibility for your motorcycle.

Product Description

Denali brings you the Soundbomb Mini Electromagnetic Horn. Producing 113db, this horn provides a significant upgrade from your stock horn. Designed as a plug and play product, this horn requires no additional wiring or mounting, as long as the stock horn has the blade style electrical connectors. 

NOTE : Make sure to install the Soundbomb Mini pointing downwards, and preferably towards the side / back. This will prevent water from collecting inside the horn. 


Single low tone horn 113db
Rugged construction
Plug and play solution

Additional Information / Product Reviews

Source: Kooli Rides YouTube channel

Product Specifications 

Sound Output: 113 db
Power Draw: 5 amp
Dimensions: 83 x 86 x 64 mm

What’s in the box?

Denali Soundbomb Mini x 1
Mounting Hardware
Mounting Instructions

Compatibility Warning 

Please note: If the original horn does not have blade-style electrical connections, the original horn connector needs to be removed and replaced with female spade connectors in order to connect to the Soundbomb Mini

Additional information
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