DENALI 2.0 HI-LO-OFF Waterproof Switch


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Enhance your motorcycle's lighting control with the Denali 2.0 HI-LO-OFF Waterproof Switch, designed specifically for off-road and adventure biking. This weather-resistant control switch offers reliable operation in all conditions, with HI-LO-OFF settings for versatile lighting management. The rugged and durable construction makes it perfect for outdoor use, ensuring your lights are easily controlled even in the harshest environments. Upgrade your motorcycle lighting system with this essential accessory from Denali, engineered for performance and reliability.
Experience seamless lighting control with the Denali 2.0 HI-LO-OFF switch. Built for heavy-duty use, this waterproof switch panel is ideal for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Enhance your outdoor adventures with this essential lighting accessory, featuring a weather-sealed design for maximum durability and performance in any condition.

Product Description

The DENALI HI-LOW-OFF Switch replaces the standard ON-OFF switch. The switch enables independent dimming of the lights, separate from the vehicle’s OEM lighting system. This allows you to change from low intensity to full brightness on motorcycles with OEM LED headlights that don’t have a clean 12V high beam trigger signal. This switch is also a great option for those who want full independent control of their auxiliary lights. In addition to molded silicone gasket seals, we use a unique DrySeal™ construction technique that encases the wires in a potted cavity as they enter the housing. This ensures our housings are 100% watertight even when submerged underwater with the wires cut and connector removed


Gives independant control of DataDIM high/low beam functionality

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