DENALI Switched Power Wiring Adapter for Ducati Desert X

Provides plug-&-play access to the switched power accessory circuit on the Ducati Desert X


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Elevate your Ducati Desert X riding experience with the DENALI Switched Power Adapter, designed to optimize power distribution and enhance electrical performance. This convenient plug-and-play wiring adapter offers a seamless solution for upgrading your motorcycle's power management system, ensuring effortless installation and reliable operation. Experience the convenience of easy wiring with the Switched Power Adapter for Ducati Desert X bikes. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this wiring kit simplifies power distribution, making it easier than ever to enhance your motorcycle's electrical system. Whether you're embarking on an adventure or navigating city streets, this adapter ensures that your Ducati Desert X is powered up and ready to go. Trust Denali to provide reliable power management solutions for your motorcycle. With our innovative wiring adapters, you can optimize your bike's electrical performance and enjoy a seamless riding experience. Upgrade your Ducati Desert X today with Denali power distribution module and unlock the full potential of your bike's electrical system. Elevate your Ducati Desert X's power with the Denali Switched Power Adapter. Simplify wiring, enhance performance, and ride confidently. Upgrade your bike now for peak performance on any terrain. Shop at Big Bad Bikes!

Product Description

This wiring adapter provides plug-&-play access to the switched power accessory circuit on the Ducati Desert X.

A small 2-pin JWPF connector is located under the Desert X windscreen right next to the headlight connector. Simply remove the factory dummy plug and plug in this adapter to create a clean 12v accessory trigger wire that will turn on/off with the vehicle ignition. 

Use this adapter to connect the wire trigger wire from DENALI driving lights harness or to power DRL and other accessories that need switched power. 


Switched 12V power source to trigger accessory relays
Simple plug & play installation

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