DENALI Snap-on Filter for DENALI DR1 – Spot, Clear

Convert your Denali DR1 into the ultimate fog light!

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Improve your motorcycle's visibility with the Clear Snap-on Filter for Denali DR1 Spot Lights. This accessory enhances the clarity and brightness of your lights, ensuring better visibility in various riding conditions. With the Clear Lens Filter, your DR1 Spot Lights deliver a clear and bright spot beam, enhancing safety and visibility on the road. Accessorize your motorcycle's lights with the DENALI Snap-on Filter for improved visibility and functionality. Specifically designed for Denali DR1 Spot Lights, this accessory provides protection and enhances the beam's performance. The Snap-on Filter modifies the light beam, offering better spot lighting and ensuring that you're clearly visible to other road users. Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting with the Snap-on Lens Cover for Denali DR1. This accessory not only protects your lights from damage but also enhances their performance. With the Spot Beam Enhancement, your DENALI DR1 Spot Lights deliver a clearer and brighter spot beam, improving visibility and safety on the road.

Product Description

Denali brings you the Clear Snap-on Filter for Denali DR1. Made from shatterproof poly-carbonate, these filters will protect the DR1s, prolonging their life. They also come in a variety of beam patterns and two colors. This set is an clear spot filter, acing as a protector to the LED.


Spot beam

Required Accessories

To be used along with Denali DR1

Additional Information / Product Reviews

Source: Twisted Throttle


Product Specifications 

Material: Polycarbonate
Colour: Clear
Beam Angle: 10 deg

What’s in the box?

Snap-on Filter (pair) x 1 set

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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