DENALI D7 Amber Lens Kit

Maximize visibility in foggy and rainy conditions!

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Enhance motorcycle lighting with the Denali D7 Amber Lens Kit, designed to improve visibility and safety on the road. Upgrade your D7 LED lights with the Amber Lens Cover for D7, ensuring better visibility in various conditions. Maintain optimal performance by replacing worn D7 lenses with the D7 Amber Lens Replacement, preserving clarity and brightness. Explore Motorcycle Light Accessories like the D7 Amber Lens Kit to elevate your lighting setup and ensure you can see and be seen on the road. Protect your D7 lights with the durable Protective Lens for D7, designed to withstand the rigors of riding while maintaining clarity. Consider Light Cover Replacement with Denali's D7 Amber Lens Kit for long-lasting protection and enhanced performance. Enhance your D7 Fog Lights with the Amber Lens Protector, providing better visibility in foggy or low-light conditions. Invest in Motorcycle Lighting Upgrade with Denali's D7 Amber Lens Kit, improving your lighting system's performance and ensuring you can ride safely in any situation. Experience Motorcycle Lighting Enhancement with this kit, which offers improved visibility and style for your motorcycle. Invest in your safety with the Protective Lens Cover, a crucial addition for any rider looking to enhance visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. Keep your lighting system in top shape with the D7 Lens Replacement Part, ensuring consistent performance and clarity. Upgrade your D7 lights today with the Denali D7 Amber Lens Kit for added visibility and safety on the road.

Product Description

The Denali TriOptic ‘Amber’ lens kit for D7 lights are designed to maximize visibility in foggy and rainy conditions. The Amber color of the lens increases visibility in fog and rain by blocking blue frequencies which reflect off water vapor and decrease vision. This Amber lens kit will also match your OEM turn signals.


Maximize visibility
Compatible with Denali D7 LED lights

Product Specifications

Color: Amber

What’s in the box?

Denali D7 Amber Lens x 2

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


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