DENALI DRL/B6 Universal Offset Kit

Denali Universal Offset Mounting Kit for DRL & B6 Visibility Pods


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Securely mount your motorcycle lights with the Denali DRL/B6 Universal Offset Kit, ensuring optimal placement for enhanced visibility and safety. Achieve perfect light placement with the adjustable Offset Kit for Lights by Denali, offering versatility and precision in mounting your lighting accessories. Simplify your motorcycle light installation with the versatile DRL/B6 Mounting Bracket, providing a reliable solution for securely attaching your lights. Enhance your bike's lighting setup with the Offset Kit for Motorcycle Lights, allowing you to customize the placement of your lights according to your preferences. Customize your motorcycle's lighting angles using the Adjustable Offset Light Bracket, ensuring optimal illumination for your riding needs. Explore the ultimate motorcycle light mounting solution with DENALI's Light Bracket Kit, offering durability and functionality for all your lighting accessories. Get the ideal offset for your auxiliary lights with the Denali Offset Kit, providing flexibility and convenience in adjusting your lighting setup. Transform your bike with the Universal Light Mounting Bracket for motorcycle lights, offering compatibility with various light models and sizes. Easily install and adjust your motorcycle lights with the Offset Kit for Auxiliary Lights, providing ease of use and reliability for your lighting accessories. Upgrade your motorcycle lighting setup with the Universal Motorcycle Light Accessory, offering versatility and compatibility for a wide range of lighting accessories. Experience precise light positioning with the Denali DRL/B6 Offset Kit, ensuring optimal visibility and safety on the road. Customize your motorcycle's lighting angles using the Motorcycle Light Angle Adjuster, allowing you to tailor your lighting setup to your specific preferences.

Product Description

This mounting kit is specifically designed to mount a pair of Denali DRL or B6 Visibility Pods to the side of any M6 mounting point on your vehicle. The pair of powder coated steel brackets create the ideal mount for tucking DRLs up inside a motorcycle fairing or positioning a pair of B6 brake light pods to the side of a license plate.

NOTE – this kit includes the mounts ONLY! DRLs to be purchased separately.

What’s in the box?

Offset Mounting Brackets x 2
M3x5 DIN 912 x 4
M6x16 ISO 7380 x 4
Spacer x 2
M6 Nut DIN 985 x 4
Wiring Splitter x 1
Posi-Tap x 3
Installation Instructions

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