DENALI T3 Switchback LED Pods – Front – Indicator/DRL – M8 Mount

The most versatile turn signals on the market!

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Enhance visibility on your motorcycle with the Denali T3 Switchback LED Pods, offering front indicator and DRL lights with an M8 Mount for easy installation. Elevate your bike's lighting for improved safety with the Front Indicator and DRL Lights, ensuring clarity and style on the road. Experience the power of Denali's high-performance T3 LED Pods designed specifically for motorcycles, providing superior illumination and signaling capabilities. Simplify installation and enhance your bike's lighting setup with the M8 Mount Switchback Lights, offering hassle-free setup and reliable performance. Elevate your bike's signaling system with the T3 Indicator Lights, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety for both daytime and nighttime riding. Illuminate the road ahead with style and clarity using the Front LED DRL Pods, providing optimal visibility during all riding conditions. Upgrade your motorcycle's signaling capabilities with the comprehensive Motorcycle Lighting Upgrade offered by Denali's T3 Switchback Pods, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. Enhance front-end signaling with the Front Signal Pods, providing increased visibility and safety for you and other road users. Improve daytime visibility with DENALI T3 Pods, ensuring that you remain visible to others on the road at all times. Enjoy easy installation and effective signaling with the M8 Mount Indicator Lights, providing a reliable solution for your motorcycle's lighting needs. Enhance your bike's safety with the Motorcycle Safety Lights offered by Denali T3 Switchback Pods, ensuring that you are visible to others on the road, enhancing your overall safety. Elevate your bike's signaling system and safety with the Motorcycle Indicator Enhancement provided by Denali's T3 Switchback Pods, offering improved visibility and functionality for your motorcycle indicators.

Product Description

The T3 is a unique and innovative approach to the common turn signal, blending white visibility lighting, red brake lighting and amber turn signal lighting into one modular system. The front T3 turn signal pods feature super bright white running lights that switch to amber when your turn signal is activated, while the rear T3 signal pods  feature super bright red LEDs for run and brake functionality that also switch to amber when your turn signal is activated. Unlike other switchback turn signals, the T3s feature two separate rows of high-power single-color LEDs as opposed to weaker bi-color LEDs. The result is a shockingly bright light pod that rivals the intensity of 10 watt LED driving lights.

This M8 stud version of Denali’s front T3 signal pod is designed to replace your factory turn signals. The T3s amber signal light is far brighter than stock but much smaller in size. The additional white DRL circuit provides maximum visibility without having to add a second set of auxiliary lights. The M8 stud version of Denali’s rear T3 signal pod can be found here.

The sleek low-profile housing coupled with high-power LEDs make the T3 the brightest and most versatile switchback turn signal on the market.


Switchback Functionality: White DRL & Amber Turn Signal
Dual Circuit DRL: 50% Low, 100% High
180 degree viewing angle
Six high power LEDs (per pod)
Low-profile design
Easy connection to vehicle DRL and turn circuit

Product Specifications

Size per Pod: 74mm x 29mm x 13mm
Total Power Draw: 0.04A DRL (Low) / 0.11A (High), 0.52A Turn Signal
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Raw Lumens: 870
Waterproof: IP67
Weight: 0.036 kgs

What’s in the box?

Front M8 Turn Signals x 2
Wiring pigtails with waterproof connectors x 2
M8 Serrated Flange Locknut x 2
Posi-Tap Connector x 4
Posi-Lock Connector x 4
Installation instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation Notes:

Turn load resistors are necessary to prevent hyper flashing of the signals when swapping from incandescent to LED turns signals. Use DNL.WHS.12700 when replacing original 10 watt signals, and DNL.WHS.12800 when replacing original 21 watt signals.


Additional information
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